A guru is a spiritual teacher, someone who guides you on the spiritual path.
The mind constantly wonders, seeking out its desires and connecting to its wants and wishes of the physical world. These wants and desires, though they seem to promise happiness when they are fulfilled, will not actually give you the desired happiness and peace. This is because real peace and joy comes, not from fulfilling material desires, but fulfilling your soul’s desires. This journey to fulfill your soul’s desires is called the truthful right pathway of your soul. To take this journey, you need the help of a guru. It is only through the gentle guidance of a guru that someone can stay on the right track and reach enlightenment, the place of eternal joy and peace. In order to detach the mind from its addictions, both conscious and sub conscious, as well as its desires, the mind needs to be gently redirected inwards so that it can get connected to the highest vibratory frequency and capability that the individual has. This is the work of a guru and this is why a guru is necessary on the path toward enlightenment.

Who is a “Guru”?

GURU literally translates to the ’Dispeller of Darkness’ as GU means ’darkness’,RU means ’that which dispels’. A “Guru” is the advisor, counsellor, coach and guide to the ones sincerely seeking to understand themselves.

As an embodiment of the divine Cosmic energies on the physical, a True Guru is that most precious Light that guides the spiritual seeker out of the dark valley of ignorance into the eternal light of awareness and realization. A spiritual seeker’s highest sanctification is to have a True Guru who lovingly guides them to connect to their True self.

Through experiential teachings, the True Guru connects the seeker to the knowledge and awareness of the Supreme – the wondrous Cosmic. The main purpose of this journey is to assist the seeker to gain freedom from their karmic actions – the cycle of life and death, and to gain freedom from their limiting thought processes.

A True Guru will assist you to conclude your rightful duties towards yourself and others utmost faith and compassion in their lifetime.

Watch this inspiring video of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji telling the story of Her Guru (Maharaji) overcoming the most impossible limitations!


The Guru and disciple relationship is symbolic of a very special mystical bond. When formed, this opens up the light within the disciple to the wonders of true freedom of the heart and soul.
Understanding this beautiful bond will assist you to connect to yourself as you embark on the journey to open the light within. Here are some useful information to refresh the mind to prepare you for Guru Purnima:

What is the great significance of the Guru and Disciple relationship?

A unique bond of love, compassion, trust and gratitude exists between a Guru and disciple.

It is only a through a True Guru that a light seeker will find access to the marvelous world that exists inside themselves. By putting the seeker in touch with their untapped potential, the Guru assists the disciples to maneuver through the labyrinth of the mind.

The Guru is the source of wisdom and knowledge that the disciple eagerly seeks for. Once a bond between the Guru and disciple is formed, the disciple receives the biggest opportunity of their life to express gratitude for all the blessings that they will receive. Guru Purnima is the designated day that allows a Guru’s devotees to honor their one true teacher from the deepest sincerity in their heart.

When a unique bond of love, compassion, trust, and respect is built between a Guru and disciple, the disciple will learn how to truly love and give to themselves and everyone around them.

How can one gain from having a Guru in their life?

One gains the most through self-realization – a journey of understanding their true selves.

This blessing that can only be bestowed upon a disciple by a true Guru. It is by being initiated to walk on the pathway of self-realizaion that a disciple can have the ability to open doors to the divine cosmic energies of bliss and everlasting joy. Through this long journey with its ups and downs, it is the “Guru” who holds the disciple’s hand to support and guide them.

The highest divine blessing that can be bestowed upon you as a light seeker is being granted the opportunity to be guided by a True Guru.

A True Guru is the greatest divine treasure for those earnestly seeking a higher meaning to life and readily willing to expand their perception of the world.

How is the Guru-Disciple relationship different from any other relationships?

From birth, parents lovingly take care of their child as much as they can in terms of education and physical necessities. Similarly, a “Guru” very compassionately takes care of the disciple’s spiritual needs and guides the disciple to grow in terms of true potential, knowledge, inner strength and beauty to strengthen the soul connection.

A Guru is hence like a bridge between a light seeker and their true self. A Guru lovingly advises, counsels and emergently assists the sincere seeker to connect to their inner Light & Truth making this a relationship of highest value in the life of a seeker.

In appreciation of the everlasting compassion and love of the Guru, disciples show their love and devotion on “GURU PURNIMA” day by honoring and celebrating their one true teacher – the beholder of the light.

In appreciation of the ever giving compassion and love of the “Guru”, the disciples show their love and devotion on “GURU PURNIMA” day by honoring and celebrating the occasion dedicated to their one true teacher – the beholder of light.

An opportunity to express heart-felt gratitude

Guru Purnima is the beautiful occasion when we celebrate the glory and light of our Guru, our guiding light.
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