Honoring Almighty Divine Mother

A mother in her purity represents the energies of selfless giving, unconditional love and true compassion. Divine Mother is recognised as the universal creator and is always giving to Her children.   

During the year, two auspicious occasions are dedicated to honor Divine Mother for Her ever flowing pure love.  Honoring Divine Mother in humbleness and gratitude is one of the biggest graces and blessings that as Her children we receive.  It is beautiful opportunity to honor the infinite love and compassionate nature of Divine Mother.


NAVRATRI (pronounced as ‘Nav-ra-tri or ‘Nuhv-rah-tree’) is a nine day festive time to celebrate and honor the Supreme Mother who is all loving and giving always. Navratri means Nine nights of honoring. Through these nine days and nights the numerous representations of Divine Mother are respected and worshiped to express our gratitude for every grace and blessing bestowed in each and every moment.


Navratri is celebrated twice a year as an expression of devotion and reverence to the divinity of Divine Mother. The festive celebrations happen in March-April and then next in September-October. Based on the moon cycle, both these two periods coincide with the climatic change of season. It is an extremely powerful time to cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

Honoring in humbleness and gratitude is a clear way to connect to the Divine energies. Acknowledging Divine Mother is beyond culture, physical boundaries and anything else. All cultures in their own way express their love and devotion to the Almighty Mother who is an embodiment of the infinite universal power representing valor, righteousness, prosperity and wisdom.

During Navratri, the cosmic energies open a wider spectrum of blessings and those seeking to uplift their energies and vibrational frequency.  You can immensely benefit from this divine grace that the cosmic provides during this auspicious time. These nine day are an opportunity for the seekers of truth to practice devotion in humble sincerity through praying, chanting, and worship.


During this period with the heightened availability of the Cosmic energies, true seekers are able to breakthrough various patterns such as ego, ignorance, desire and other patterns that bind humans to the world of illusion. Breaking through these patterns will greatly assists you in attaining freedom from the cycle of karma.

During the nine day period of Navratri, the Cosmic energies are elevated and devotees through their gratitude, commitment and devotion are able to forge a beautiful connection with the Divine energies through the grace of the Universal Mother. Many devotees fast through the day and consume one meal of blessed food during the first eight days of Navratri.  On the ninth day  of Navratri, a big feast is organised to culminate the nine day festive celebration. Prays and chanting are of prime focus during this time.

During this energetically powerful time all good actions bring magnified positive results, so true seekers  that connect to all the good they have received with gratitude and an open heart offer a tithe to the universal Mother energies.   This tithe honoring is a only a small token of all that Divine Mother supplies to us in sustaining us at every moment. Service, honoring gifts and devotion serenades to the universal Mother abound during this period  in recognition for all Her giving to us.  

Honoring the glorious energies of the Supreme Mother connects us to our own heart energies of love and compassion for our self and others.


Navratri starts from the first day of the moon and in essence is the beginning of a month of festive time. On the tenth day of Navratri, which is also the tenth day of the moon falls Dusherra (Dush-ae-rah) which is a day to celebrate the victory of Good over evil.

Twenty days later, begins a five day celebration to honor the energies of Light. The main day of this festivity is on the third day which is called Deepawali (Deep-a-wali) also called the Festival of Light.  These festivities signify removal of darkness and welcoming of light.

So lets get ready for a great month full of joy and celebration as we honor the Divine Energies.


Celebrating & Honoring is the theme for the month of October this year.

Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is our physical representation of  the unparalleled compassion and the true selflessness energies of  giving.   A true Guru can assist you to connect to the universal Cosmic energies.  Through the grace of our Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, our Divine Bliss family will be organizing special honoring for Divine Mother’s energies and we are eager to share with you this blessed opportunity with you.  

You are welcome to join us for this joyous and energetically uplifting celebrations through the month.

NAVRATRI from 1st October (Saturday) to 10th October (Monday) 2016

Special Celebration Ceremony of prayers and offerings to Divine Mother will be held on the morning of the last day of Navratri, 10th October startng 9:45 am to 1 pm.

DUSHERRA on 11th October 2016 (Tuesday)

DEEPAWALI on 30th October 2016 (Sunday)

You can experience the joy of the celebrations at –> Divine Bliss International, 2319 Nursery Road, Clearwater, Florida-33764, USA

If you are unable to join in person and would like to connect online, email us for more details! Write to us at info@divineblissinternational.org.
Through the month of October we will continue to share with you insights on the auspicious occasions dedicated for honoring the Divine Energies.

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