Promises, Promises.

Each day we make commitments to ourselves and others. We do our best to honor those commitments.
Have you ever felt a really strong connection to someone else, feeling that there was something that the two of you needed to accomplish together?

Or maybe you’ve found that
the same type of issue keeps recurring, making you wonder what it is that you need to do to resolve it once and for all?

Have you ever heard of creating soul commitments prior to incarnating into this lifetime? Does this actually occur?  What happens if we complete this commitment?
If we have made one of these commitments with another, can we cancel the agreement? What happens if we do this?
When you connect in the Divine Conversations with Guruji you expand your knowlege on not only this subject but other questions that are utmost in your mind.
Will you join us this week to ask our beloved Guruji your personal question?
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