Thanksgiving Day

Its a joy to Celebrate Honoring & Sharing

When you connect to your inner truth, there is joy in everything within and around you.

When you get an opportunity to honor and share, you realise that it is in giving that you truly receive.

So never miss an opportunity to connect to the cosmic energies that connect you to the Divine Bliss within yourself !

Thanksgiving  is a day for expressing our gratitude for all the abundance in our lives!  This is a special day set aside to recognise and appreciate God as the ultimate provider.  A day to acknowledge all the blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty Lord and to reflect upon all that we have received.   

From celebrating through feasting in thanks for the plenty that the Lord continues to bless us with, to fasting in honor of the Almighty during pivotal moments, Thanksgiving is the perfect moment to reflect upon all wonderful things that we receive all year round.

The celebration of Thanksgiving is yet another opportunity to grow the numerous seeds of gratitude in our hearts. On this occasion we reflect on how to love ourselves as God loves us. Because one can only give what we have, let’s start with appreciating all that we have, and expand this love in the form of gratitude!

The Divine Bliss family will be celebrating Thanksgiving day with great joy to express our thanks and gratitude to our Guru Sri Sri Poonamji and the Energies of Light for their constant love and support in our lives. We welcome you to join us to experience the bliss of honoring and sharing on Thursday, 24th November 2016.

Honoring celebrations  will be held at –> Divine Bliss International, 2319 Nursery Road, Clearwater, Florida-33764, USA
The visiting hours of the Centre are from 10 am to 10 pm EST.

If you are unable to join in person and would like to connect online, email us for more details at

Through the year, there are many occassions to celebrate, honor and share; and to continue this theme we keep sharing with you the special events to celebrate the loving acts of both giving and receiving to bring abundance and joy into our lives.

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