Your Relationship With Money

Divine Bliss International is working towards spreading the message of love and light. The weekly webinars are one of the medium to share the infinite divine knowledge that Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji blesses us all with.
This Wednesday, you are welcome to join the webinar to learn more about the energetic significance of money for success, and abundance.
In this dimension money is how people relate to each other. If you want to buy something, money is the vehicle that allows that to happen. Money is the energy that is traded. When you go to work, you collect money so that you can in turn use that money to acquire what it is that you desire.
Is there a best way that we utilize money? Can we have money without getting caught up in the physical things in this world? These answers will be provided in this week’s Conversations with Guruji.
Join us tonight at *9:00pm EST* for the webinar on a special topic.

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