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Are You True To Yourself?

We do our best to keep commitments to others. But do we keep commitments to ourselves?
If we don’t honour our own self commitments, what type of impact will that make on our own wellbeing?
Can we keep commitments to others truly when we may slip on self commitments?


True Purpose of Life

We, as humans, are born, raised by our well-meaning parents, go to school, get a degree, and get a job.
Then, we get married, have kids, and start the cycle again.
Is this all there is? Or is there a higher calling for us? What is the true purpose of life?


Promises, Promises.

Each day we make commitments to ourselves and others. We do our best to honor those commitments.
Have you ever felt a really strong connection to someone else, feeling that there was something that the two of you needed to accomplish?

Self Realisation

Where's My Soul Mate?

This week’s Divine Conversations focuses on the subject of soul mates. Do they really exist? Is there one for me? How do I find my soul mate? This has been a subject in the public’s mind since the 1960s. Come listen as Guruji shares her insights.