Do You See With Your Real Eyes?

Many, if not most, people seem to be operating on autopilot.
Have you noticed this?
Maybe you have been on autopilot as well…
As we start to awaken, we begin to realize – see with our “real eyes” – that there is a totally different universe that we partake in.
We start developing our self-realization, and as we do, we find that there is more to us than just going through the motions. We discover that we do have a soul that is larger than this body that we are using this incarnation. Through different scenarios it seems that we have been separated from the larger part of us.
Or have we?
What steps are needed for us to become one with our Soul?
In this week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji, our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will be simplifying this complex topic of Self-Realization and Soul Union.
Come add your energy into the conversation this Wednesday at 9:00pm. For members, connect through here. If you are new to Divine Bliss International, please join so that you may learn these valuable lessons that our Guruji is so willing to give.

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