Guru Purnima Special-Significance of Honoring your Guru

An opportunity to express heart-felt gratitude

The Divine Bliss Family brings to you this next special edition of information to welcome Guru Purnima – a beautiful annual celebration of honoring our Guru!

In the previous edition we shared an insight into understanding the Guru and Disciple relationship. This edition is intended to share with you why it is important to honor your Guru.


Are you a seeker of light?
In truth, every soul seeks its connection with light. We all are looking for true abundance, everlasting joy or freedom from the stress and pain of life.

A devoted light seeker looking for true freedom will dedicate their life to the journey of self-realization – the true understanding of the self.

Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji says “Knowing thy self is Loving thy self“. 

How precious to you is your true freedom?
To a freedom seeker sincerely dedicated to the pathway of self-realization, the answer will be ‘very very precious’.

The one person who can lead you on the pathway to freedom…Is a ‘True Guru”
The presence of a true Guru in the life of a devoted light seeker is truly important. Finding genuine guidance that can assist you to liberate yourself from the cycle of life and death, pain and suffering is truly the most precious gift one can ask for.

The importance of the balance in life…is learning the art of giving.
When you find a true Guru who is always giving,  the light shines on every aspect of your life. To reciprocate to this ocean of love and blessings as much as we can, we should remember that ‘Giving brings Receiving’. Guru Purnima is an occasion when we get the special opportunity to express our love and gratitude to the one who leads us to freedom and is ever giving.

Guru Purnima … a celebration of giving
While everyday is an occasion to celebrate the bonding of a Guru and disciple, once a year comes a special opportunity for expressing gratitude and acknowledging all the compassionate giving of the Guru through all aspects of life. This day auspicious day dedicated to honoring the “Guru” falls on the full moon day mostly in the auspicious month of July. This day is called “Guru Purnima” meaning the ‘full moon day dedicated to the Guru, the dispeller of darkness‘.

This year the honoring day of “Guru Purnima” is on Tuesday, 19th July 2016.

Open your heart…
The universal Truth of living in gratitude and love holds true for all light seekers heart as “It is in giving that you will receive…” – the more openhearted you sincerely open your heart, the more you will receive. 
The journey to divine bliss…
A Guru is a true representative; a physical embodiment of the Cosmic energies and honoring the Guru is symbolic of honoring the Cosmic energies for their divine blessings and guidance.

The Guru’s love and energetic assistance is a treasure beyond measure. It is in appreciation of the divine love and sharing that a sincere Light seeker will truly enjoy the beautiful journey of divine bliss!

The Divine Bliss family takes this opportunity to express gratitude to their lineage of Guru’s. We bow to our Guru Sri Sri Poonam ji, our Param Guru Baba Sevananda ji Maharaj and our param param Guru Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj and thank them for their constant love and blessings.

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This Blog post will be updated with more information until the glorious day of Guru Purnima.

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