Guru Purnima, An Occassion to Honor your Guru

An Expression of heart-felt love and gratitude

The Divine Bliss Family brings this next special edition of information to welcome Guru Purnima – a beautiful annual celebration of honoring our Guru!

In the previous editions we shared an insight into understanding the Guru and Disciple relationship and Significance of Honoring your Guru. This edition is intended to throw light on the special occassion of Guru Purnima.

The full moon day on 19th July 2016 is designated as the day for honoring the “Guru” by the seeker of light. This day of honoring is called “Guru Purnima”.

Guru Purnima is a divinely beautiful day filled with love and joy dedicated to honor and acknowledge all the compassionate giving of the Guru through all aspects of one’s life. It is energetically the most uplifting and powerful time of the year to honour the endless blessings received through the Guru.  On this day, the gates of heaven and a clear pathway are opened through the grace of a True Guru.  It is a on this day disciples and Light seekers from all over the world pay respect, honor and express heartfelt gratitude towards their Spiritual Guide, “Guru” for all the priceless and generous blessings and guidance received in their lives.

On the day of ‘Guru Purnima‘ the planetary movements in the universe uplift the energetic frequencies immensely and this can have a very positive influence on those would like to benefit from it.

Blessed is the soul who has found a True Guru in one’s lifetime – one who possesses the ocean of knowledge, and ability to teach disciples to truly understand self (Atma Gnyaana). It is through the understanding of self that the disciples can free themselves from the self imposed chains of karma that they have accumulated over multitude of life times.

“Only a True Guru,

who knows God and is in oneness with God,

can connect you to God.”

Why does a specific day need to be allocated for honoring the Guru ?

The true essence of being a light seeker is to be in humbleness and gratitude towards your Guru – as it is giving that truly brings receiving. A Guru should be honoured every minute and every second in the life of a seeker. Dedicating a specific day as a day for honoring is simply to enable all devotees to come into their benign focus to give their love and offering to the one special person who is constantly showering them with love and blessings.

Just like Christmas Day, is a day to honor Lord Jesus Christ for all the love He has brought to this realm, Guru Purnima celebrates and honors the one who gives us endless love and blessings – OUR GURU.

The Divine Bliss family takes this opportunity to express gratitude to their lineage of Guru’s. We bow to our Guru Sri Sri Poonam ji, our Param Guru Baba Sevananda ji Maharaj and our param param Guru Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj and thank them for their constant love and blessings.

The Divine Bliss family is always available to assist those seeking an opportunity to honor and find light within themselves. We will be glad to assist you to know how you can benefit from the divine graces on the special day of Guru Purnima.

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Guru Purnima, an Occassion to Honor your Guru

This Blog post will be updated with more information until the glorious day of Guru Purnima.

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