Finding Heaven on Earth

Is “Heaven” simply some far off place that you go to after you die or is it something we should be actively taking part in while we are living?  Can we assist in bringing a state of Heaven on Earth?
It is no coincidence that all leading world religions within their ancient scriptures mention  a concept of “Heaven”  (“Nirvana” or “Moksha”), whether it is ascending into Heaven in the afterlife, discovering Enlightenment, or opening the seven levels of Heaven.

When all these religions  (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Jain, and even the Second Book of Enoch) refer to this Cosmic paradise, there must be something real about it. 
Often the concept  of “Heaven” seems so out of reach and feels opposite from the world we are living in today.  A holy sacred place that is so beautiful peaceful and  overflowing with Light.  A place totally free from  pain and suffering.   
Does this place truly exist?   
What do we do to get there? 
Are we worthy of this heavenly realm? 
Tonight, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will be lovingly gracing us with a profound topic that theologians have pondered about since the beginning of time and personally many of us have wondered about it.  In tonight’sDivine Conversations with Guruji, Her Holiness will reveal to you the truth of Heaven and provide guidance on how you can obtain it in your life. 
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