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How to Sleep Better and Wake Up Refreshed

Om Everyone,

This week’s Divine Conversations with our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji grants you the opportunity to understand the process of sleeping better and how sleep impacts us positively and negatively.
Sleep is phenomenon that exists throughout nature and for each one of us is a large part of our day lives.  Sleep is so extremely important and vital to our overall health and well being.    

Each one of us has probably experienced this feeling of exhausted or feeling drained after sleeping poorly.  In today’s modern age, so many people are finding it a major struggle just to fall sleep at night.   Many people complain that their minds keep running and are unable to quite their minds.  Or others often say that they “wake up still tired” and feel drowsy throughout the day.
Just to cope in today’s modern times,  millions of people  have resorted to taking nightly sleep medications just to fall asleep.   
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji grants us the opportunity to gift yourself with a greater understanding of the natural process of sleep during  this week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji.
Here is what you can expect:
* Greater Clarity of how Sleep Impacts you
* Enhanced Understanding of Sleep
*Improved Awareness and Steps to Move Forward
Anyone that has problems sleeping has a clear understanding of the immense treasure of a good night’s sleep.
Join us for this amazing opportunity tonight to begin your journey to “Open the Light Within”.
For our members, connect this Wednesday at 9:00pm.
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