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Balance Through Herbs

This week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji takes another look at Herbs.
We’re so used to turning to the medicine cabinet when our bodies feel out of sorts.
What did our ancestors do when they didn’t feel good? They couldn’t just pop down to the corner and get their remedies.
Herbs. Herbs are nature’s healers that assist us in keeping our bodies in balance.
Unless we have had elders to educate us, we have lost much of the knowledge of using herbs for medicine.
Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji brings forward basic knowledge on many different herbs and plants to bridge our knowledge gap.
For instance, when do you use heating herbs and cooling herbs to their greatest effect?
To begin your learning about herbs, this webinar will be excellent to listen to start your journey.
For our members, connect this Wednesday at 9:00pm.
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