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The Truth of It

This week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji covers the subject of Truth.
We all believe that we know our truth, but are we really tapping into our Truth?
Finding your truth means knowing who you are, that you are connected to You. We have outside influences – culture, belief systems, our intellect – we look for ourselves outside of ourselves. But our Truth is really within.
We get caught up in illusion, and that’s how we forget our Truth. Then we set out on a journey to regain our Truth.
The tricky part is that illusion has its own levels of truth, and each level is very different. Therefore, the truth you believe in your subconscious mind is not really the truth in your superconscious mind.
So, with this information, how does the Truth, or lack thereof, affect our bodies?
How do you know what is the real Truth?
How can we come to realize our real Truth?
Come listen to this discussion by Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji and learn how to better connect to your own Truth.
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