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Self Love – What Is It?

This week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji covers the subject of Self Love – simple, but deeply profound.
What is self love? Guruji describes it as that energy that allows you to appreciate the truth within you, that will ultimately allow you to overcome the imprisonment of the mind, of every human individual by the senses, the ego driven senses.
Guruji shares a story of a time where she served her Guru. This beautiful story serves as a demonstration of self love and the power behind it.
Guruji says, “When the ‘I want’ goes away, the ‘I love’ comes in. The ‘I want’ is the limitation that blocks you from the ‘I love’. Self Love is about being in the totality of Truth.”
What’s the relationship between Self Love and emotions? Listen to the webinar in order to find this answer and many more.
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