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Can You Check Your Ego?

Can you achieve balance with an ego?
When we’re born, we start developing our egos, or personalities. Egos are there to help protect us from the outside world.
When something happens to us, our ego remembers with all the feelings, and when a similar situation arises, the ego tries to protect us by reminding us of the prior incident’s outcome.
Sometimes, the ego becomes inflated with self importance to the point where no one else matters from the ego’s point of view.
Both of these scenarios can prove to limit us in our spiritual growth. We can become fearful of possibilities based on the past. We can dismiss well meaning and wise people with constructive information for us because of we feel superior to them.
How do we address our ego to help it mature into a wise part of our beings? Do we totally ignore our ego, or do we honor our ego for the role it plays in our lives? Can we strike a middle ground with ego?
This week on Divine Conversations with Guruji we discuss the role of ego in our lives and how to best use it for our spiritual growth.
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