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Ancient Tradition of Chinese Lunar New Year

In a simpler age throughout the world, people readily acknowledges the source of their food, clothes and harvest to God and their ancestors. Ceremonies to pray for blessings and peace at the end of each growing year was a common practice.  Farmers recognized their survival and lively hoods were tied to the Earth and Mother Nature.

World-wide ancient peoples, Native Americans, Latin Americans, Asians, and European sailors tracked the cycles of the moon.   Farmers planted their crops and honored the celestial moon in the heavens.  At the end of the season, often a time of thanks giving was held.
The Chinese Lunar New Year is steeped in a long history, many traditions, and regional folklore.  Thus, several Chinese New Year traditions were intended to send God, the Cosmos a message for a bountiful New Year.
In Chinese traditions vibrant colors such as red, orange, green, yellow, and gold are abundantly displayed to signify happiness, purity, good fortune, harmony and prosperity.   A celebration of the blooming of a new Spring season, joy and positivity.
Tangerines, oranges, and pomegranates are popular offerings to God, the Cosmos in thanksgiving, signifying peace, good fortune and prosperity in the New Year.  It is a time of celebration, honoring, and for bringing families together.
Divine Bliss International, Inc. honors the Truth of all cultures and the common Unity among all God’s creations.  At Divine Bliss International, we honor the Cosmic energies of Light and know it to be the True source of our abundance and all goodness in our life.
You are welcome to join us on February 5th, as we also celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.   In humbleness, we honor our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji as our celestial moon our guiding light through even the darkest nights.   As a token of our gratitude, we will offer an abundance of flowers and fruits in recognition and thanksgiving for everything we have received this year.

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