Tai Chi Classes Saturday Mornings!

Tai Chi is a system of aligning mind, body, and spirit. In it’s purest form, Tai Chi can assist you to become one with the Supreme Energies. This was also the beginning intention behind the practice of Yoga, union with God. However today, we have made it about the body and in many cases, our yoga attire. Both Tai Chi and Yoga can assist you to keep the body and mind in optimum health, as well as your spirit in a perfect zone. When you practice Tai Chi in totality your spirit will become balanced in your body and mind. It is rare to find places which teach this supreme connection in correlation with the physical practice.

That is why the Divine Bliss Tai Chi class is extremely unique due to the fact that it is being hosted in a positively charged, divine place like Divine Bliss International! Step onto the premises of 2319 Nursery Road and connect to the energies you will feel a profound experience. Some people experience inner peace, others overflowing joy, some even shed a tear, they feel the difference and it makes them glow!
All of this is possible due to our founder and teacher, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji. Guruji has blessed this land so that every person that comes here can feel the true light energies of the cosmic flowing in abundance and harmony. Come take the journey yourself and see how you feel 🙂 All are welcome. All religions, all races, all cultures, all shapes and sizes. Our motto passed down from our parum parum Guru -Baba Neem Karoliji Maharaj is, Love All, Serve All, Feed All.
Tai Chi is open to the public on Saturday mornings at 10am. The suggested love honoring is between $10-45. We invite you to connect to how your heart feels you would like to honor your experience. When we connect to our hearts in honesty, sincerity, and gratitude, our answers come to what we would like to give. This is important because, it is in giving that we receive.
You are also welcome to come serve in the Divine Bliss organic garden while you’re here! To learn more about the garden visit this blog, Miracle Garden: When Love and Devotion Defied Science
Om 🙂

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