Miracle Garden: When Love and Devotion Defy Science

Guruji always tells us, “energies are real, what we see in the physical is the illusion.” 
What follows is the true story of our beautiful garden, a place that was condemned by science to a future of hollowness, only to later bare the most beautiful fruits and vegetables, thanks to a lot of love, devotion and the energetic blessings of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.
It was back in 2014 that an expert from the University of South Florida, came over to assess the growing potential of the garden of our beautiful Ashram in Clearwater, Florida. Since the land had 26 oak trees and Florida Sand, he concluded that under the strain of all those leaves falling, our soil would always be acidic. This scientist concluded this land couldn’t sustain a garden and that we’d be better off with just a lawn.
We could have accept the defeat instead we sought another solution. It was time to get determined. Under the guidance of our Guru Sri Sri Poonamji, we started a local campaign to get our hands on as much natural organic mulch from whatever source we could. Many local companies chipped in and gave us everything from money to cow manure to wood cuttings and materials. If it was natural and mulch-able, we wanted it so that we could turn the fortunes of our soil around. This went on for TWO YEARS, and while our garden looked more like a war zone than a place where Mother Nature’s bounty was about to grow, we were steadfast in our dedication moving wheel barrel after wheel barrel to turn the tide.
Against all odds, when the Divine Bliss volunteers had almost given up after years of moving dirt without any signs of growth, it started to happen. At first we had Papayas, then eggplants, then mint and marigolds.  Our garden of Eden started to sprout, grow and blossom, through the grace of our dearest Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji. To make acidic soil alkaline takes years and lots of chemicals, however through Guruji’s divine assistance the soil miraculously turned alkaline through sheer devotion, dedication, and selfless service. Finally after years of hard work, our garden has bloomed the most abundant, vivacious, energetically stimulating garden you’ve ever experienced!
Guruji often said to us that working in this Garden would teach us balance, how to be truly nurturing, and in return we would receive so much love from the plants. Now the Divine Bliss Ashram is blessed with a steady supply of organic vegetables no need to shop at the store anymore! Some are cooked up into delicious meals for the devotees and Ashram’s visitors, some are given to the wonderful volunteers who come to till the land and work in our Miracle space. Indeed, they too have experienced the magic.
“When you start becoming a true giver, you will know the divine bliss of true receiving.”

A local volunteer, had been experiencing energetic blockages in her life leading to many difficulties. Look at the picture on the left to see the first day she came to the garden. See her eyes, her complexion, her overall energy. After 3 hours of selfless work, the right hand picture shows the immediate results from her genuine service in the divine bliss garden. She’s glowing and it is obvious on her face that a heavy weight has been lifted from her. She joined us in the garden, offering hours of her time to help us water, prune and take care of all our beloved plants. Ten hours in, she received word that she’d just landed a big Job with Macy’s in the corporate office! Most of our volunteers look different after they have spent some time selflessly giving their time in our beautiful garden of love and devotion. This picture is one of many! 
When people come with sincerity and a genuine heart to serve, they receive the blessings of our Divine Mother Guruji through whom all of this is possible. From volunteers to visitors each has said they feel peaceful, calm and more balanced. The bright smile you see speaks for itself. Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji’s divine energetic grace to this space is evident upon entering you can truly feel there is something amazingly special here. There are many stories like this. You only have to look at the photos to see what a day in the Miracle Garden can do.
“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow”. These are simple yet powerful words from Beatle John Lennon, uttered some moons ago. As you let his words sink in, the questions surfaces, how do I let love grow in my life?
All are welcome to experience the Divine Bliss meditation garden! We are open 7 days a week and typically spend our time in the garden from 8am-10am and 4pm-7pm. Please call us if you would like the opportunity to experience the change within yourself by serving in this blissful phenomenon. 727.444.0355. 2319 Nursery Road, Clearwater FL

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