The Power of 9:  Mother Nature’s Generous Gift of Balance

All of life is about balance, whether it’s in nature or within ourselves. We pick up energetic debris, every day of our lives that push us in and out of balance.  Little moments of anger when the train is late, annoyance that the wi-fi network was down, snapping at the barista for ruining the order, or just feeling bad for having too many cupcakes at lunchtime, the list goes on and on, especially in the modern world.  Soon enough our spiritual, mental and physical bodies are out of synch.  
Luckily, Mother Nature has an answer – the gift of the equinox.   Twice a year, Divine Mother balances the Earth and everyone in it during the change into spring and fall, known as the equinoxes.  This kickstarts a powerful flow of energy, that even we as individuals can step into, and when we do, we can balance not just our physical bodies, but our mental, and spiritual bodies. 
In Northern India, this opportunity is a festival called Navratri.  ‘Nav’ meaning, nine and ‘Ratri’ meaning, nights.  No matter what your tradition, or where you come from, this flow exists everywhere on Earth, and we can connect with it in humbleness and gratitude. 
This year 2018 Navratri lasts from October 9th-18th, a very powerful time to balance the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. In fact, there are 9, energetic bodies, or chakras. Each holding a different energy on each day. When all 9 bodies are cleared of any energetic debris, one’s creative positive energies are unleashed, to serve selflessly and reconnect to the true you, the true purpose of all human beings. 
Clearing out those nine energetic bodies starts with humility, recognizing the grace that Mother Nature has given us and all she has done to nurture and provide for us.  Each day and night of the festival, Mother Nature grants us an opportunity to connect with her as we serve her humble offerings of simple food, devotion and love.  A combination of day time fasting and simple foods once every evening, resets our whole system. These 9 days can set you soaring into a positive new beginning when done in genuine appreciation for Divine Mother. The simple foods assist our bodies in processing the energies, and of course, gives our physical organs a rest from the constant churn of processed foods and over indulgence.  
If in these 9 days you stay out of the king desire and instead stay focused on honoring the Divine Mother, She is there energetically holding out her hand to help assist you. It is our true blessing to be able to have a physical Divine Mother –Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, guiding us here at Divine Bliss International. All are welcome to experience the energies at Guruji’s center in Clearwater Florida. Guruji is currently touring Singapore, message us for details on how to honour in Asia, otherwise those can still come and feel the energies in Clearwater Florida.
Those who seek upliftment and a better understanding of themselves, can come serve in Guruji’s meditation garden. Blessed food will be served at Guruji’s light center in Clearwater every day at 8pm all are welcome. (Please call ahead so we can accommodate!)
You are also welcome offer fruits, vegetables, or monetary honoring at the altar. We are blessed to have a true Divine Mother on the physical to teach us about these energies and how to better understand our higher selves. We honor Her presence in our lives over these next 9 days. You’re welcome to join!

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