Honoring Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj -Our First Guru

Today is the honoring day for the first Guru in our lineage -Baba Neem Karoliji Maharaj.
Babaji pioneered 108 healing centers in India. His devotees are many because of his courageous heart, ever giving nature, and his strong determination to pierce through all darkness.
He taught his devotees his mantra, “Love all, serve all, feed all.” In his spirit today across the world Divine Bliss International is serving food!

If you’re in Singapore, thousands were served, if you’re in Florida you are welcome to come to the center at 2319 Nursery Road in Clearwater to show your respect to Babaji and enjoy some deliciously cooked food!
The Florida center will be gardening today, planting the seeds of abundance, you are invited to come feel the bliss of Guruji’s divine garden!
Om Guruji for connecting us to the energies of Baba Neem Karoliji Maharaj, and guiding us to stay in our higher selves always. We are grateful for your love.
Divine Bliss International

P.S. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming soon! Until then, visit our online store with a plethora of divine natural healing remedies for your own benefit! If you have any questions about your particular needs please call the center at 727-444-0355.

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