A New Understanding of Valentine's Day

When you look at the history of this holiday, its origins date back to a barbaric age. Like most things, the traditions have merged, changed and evolved over time. The story of Saint Valentine is a completely different tale from what you read on a hallmark card today.

We all know right after New Year’s; Valentine’s Day is the next big focus with a whole lot of marketing as it is big business. In today’s modern age, Valentine’s Day is filled with chocolates, hearts, and pressure to meet the social expectations. The mass buildup of these societal expectations often leads to disappointment and a feeling of loneliness. How many of us have ever been alone on Valentine’s Day and felt this tinge of being left out if you are not paired up on that day or our significant fails to measure up.
Divine Bliss International, Inc. is uplifting this energy on Valentine’s Day into the purer energy of true love. We choose to be grateful and honor all the love we continuously receive from our Divine Creator. Would you like to feel Divine Love this Valentine’s Day? We welcome you to experience a new energy this holiday season. A day where we bring our energies together in recognizing the highest love of God. A day of focusing on our wholeness and oneness, loving our higher selves. Join us for uplifting this energy and let’s remake Valentine Day into a day of Honoring. As always, we express our sincere gratitude to our Guruji Sri Sri Poonam for showing us the truest love residing within in us.

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