The Power of Peace

This post is written as testimony from a Divine Bliss volunteer:

Hello, my brothers and sisters of light my name is Patrick and I would like to share how I felt when I visited Divine Bliss international, which I can sum up in just one beautiful word –Peace.
In my 43 years of life, I have been searching for the peace I found in DBI the first day I showed up there, you see brothers and sisters I was searching for that peace in so mine different places. I tried to find it in Christianity, Wicca, Islam, and even some eastern faiths but never truly finding it, until I entered through the doors of DBI and walked the grounds.
Meeting and getting to know Brother Yogesh and Sister Amanda has truly been a blessing to me because in all my searching for peace in all these other faiths I was never truly welcomed. But at DBI I truly felt at peace and found a place in which I can call my spiritual home and brother and sisters who truly make me feel welcomed and have taught me the real meaning of love, light, joy, happiness, and peace.
And so you see brothers and sisters if can find the true power of peace at DBI so can you. No matter how hard or stressed out this world will make you as soon as you step through the doors of DBI all the stress, fear, and anger will completely fall away. So I am inviting all my brothers and sisters in the spirit and to those who are not to visit DBI and experience the true peace.
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Visiting Divine Bliss:

Those that would like to visit the center of light we have garden meditation sessions every day you are welcome to join any time between 8am and 8pm. You can also join us for Tai Chi classes Saturdays at 10am, make sure you check our calendar for upcoming events. All are welcome to open the light within themselves. All of this is possible through the grace of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.
Om 🙂

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