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Flow – It's Not What You Think

We talk about getting in the flow to manifest what we desire.
What is flow? Well, everything.
Everything flows. If it doesn’t, then you’re setting yourself up for disease in some area of your life, most likely your health.
The issue, though, is that there are finite areas in which flow can occur, and if an additional desire arises, the flow must be taken from an original area to “plug in” to the new desire.
This creates an imbalance.
However, there is a secret to be able to get the flow that you truly desire, and this secret allows all to flow without cheating areas of your life.
What’s this secret?
Tune in this Wednesday at 9PM ET to Divine Conversations with Guruji, where Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji gives us step by step instructions to get and stay in the flow.
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