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The Secret to Flow

Is your environment that which allows you to receive the abundance that life is offering you?
Or are you struggling to create your perfect world? Does it seem that everyone is against you? Is it an uphill battle just to make it through the day?
There’s a secret that will immediately change the flow so that you can align and work with all that’s being offered you.
Remember the Chinese finger cuffs where you put your fingers in each end? If you quickly try to remove your fingers, the cuffs grab your fingers and promise never to let go. Try as you might, your fingers will not release.
But what happens when you relax and accept that the finger cuffs have you snugly in its grasp? Gently you can remove one finger at a time because you’ve stopped struggling and accepted the situation.
When we stop exerting so much energy against what’s pushing back, and we move into the energy of acceptance, magic happens. Directions reverse, energy starts flowing more harmoniously, and we become more in tune with ourselves.
This week on Divine Conversations with Guruji we explore what it means to enter the zone of Acceptance and how that can help us make major shifts in our perceptions.
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