Significance of Guru Purnima

This week is very auspicious, as it’s the July full moon – and Guru Purnima.
For those who have grown up in the Hindu religion, they are well practiced and understand the significance of this yearly event.
But for the rest of us, we need some education.
“The Guru” signifies dispelling the darkness by bringing the light. This energetic signature is accessed by gurus to bring many gifts to the world, like our blessed Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji. There may be many gurus in service in the world, but there is only one “The Guru”.
The Guru serves as a connector between the devotee and God.
It’s understood that this occasion is the equivalent of Christmas to Christianity; however, there are some differences that really stand out and need more conversation.
Guru Purnima is the celebrated birth of The Guru, celebrated on the July full moon. Why the full moon, and why July?
Celebrations happen throughout the day. Gifts are offered to honor the Guru, such as prayer, scarves, food, and other gifts.
What is the significance of the scarves? Is food offered as a symbol of abundance? Are some gifts more appropriate than others, or is the gesture of gratitude to the Guru the point of al the gifts?
What significance is the giving of a cow?
There are those fortunate enough to present gifts physically to a Guru on this highest of days. How can those that do not have physical access to a Guru show their greatest honor to The Guru?
This week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji will certainly be an educational, frequency raising experience as we learn about the significance of Guru Purnima.
For our members, connect this Wednesday at 9:00pm.
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