The Steps to Releasing Unwanted Patterns from Our Lives

Words from Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji

 “When you are in your truth and you accept your truth, you will know exactly where you stand and your [unwanted] patterns will just fall away.

Because you see it and you want to release it, they will just fall away.” 

Often times, we resist the thought of seeing our own flaws and weaknesses. It makes us even anxious to think that we are anything other than what we want the world to see us as. We develop personalities to go with the image that we like. Through time, we believe ourselves to be more and more like image, not realizing that we are also becoming more and more dishonest with ourselves.
Here, Guruji shows us that only acceptance of our truth will allow us to change positively. You see, before we can rectify anything, there must be an awareness of that particular issue first, and once we give ourselves the permission to see the truth of the situation can progress be made. If we are angry, fearful, or egotistical in any manner whatsoever and we accept it completely with no judgment of ourselves, letting them go becomes much more effortless.
The next step of removing these patterns that hinders us from living a contented life is our sincere honesty in wanting to remove them. Guruji says that we hold onto things only when there are benefits, so with honesty, we must allow ourselves to see the benefits (and hindrances) that those attributes have on our lives. With complete awareness and complete clarity within us that these patterns are of no benefit, they will just naturally fall away since we no longer find the necessity to hold onto them.
At the end of the day, the more acceptance we have of ourselves and our truths, the more peaceful our hearts will be.

This article is posted by Tida Wei.
Tida is a student of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji’s and writes directly from Divine Bliss International (DBI), Florida. She regularly reports the latest news of DBI, Guruji’s teachings, DBI centre’s progress, events and festivals, and from time to time, messages directly from Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.

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