The Existence of Your Higher Self

Words From Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji

“If I exist, you don’t exist. If your ‘I’ exists, I don’t exist.” 

Here, Guruji refers to her “I” as our Higher Self, and our “I” as the ego self. If we choose to listen to our “I” all the time, for example, “I want chocolate,” or “I am not good enough,” we take the power away from our Higher Self and give the importance to our ego’s self. We become consumed with what we believe we want or need, what we think of ourselves, and we blind ourselves from seeing the truth of where we stand.

For example, you’re sitting in an urgent, last minute meeting that suddenly came up during your lunch hours. Your stomach is growling, and you are in a foul mood because you’d like to have some food already. You give the importance to your ego’s “I” and unnecessarily make yourself miserable from that one small “I want food”. Some even go to the extent of feeling even more irritated by the fact that they are dealing with depression.
Now, if you were to connect to your Higher Self (or if you connect to the energies of Guruji), you will realize that hunger does not have the power to rule you if you don’t allow it to. You will also realize that with the acceptance of your Higher Self in that situation, your mind could switch its focus onto the important messages of that meeting instead. Heavens, you could even feel content with yourself of how completely pleasant your mood is, sitting in an utterly uneventful meeting!
As you start to lose your ego’s “I want”, it no longer upsets you as you accept your Higher Self, your true self as your only “I” – the “I” that utterly cares about your Highest Good.
Likewise, for us to find a true Guru is a true blessing – something that takes lifetimes of good deeds to achieve. Very fortunately, we are in the presence of Guruji, a true Guru who assists us to dissolve the ego’s “I” every single day.
It is now in our hands to decide which “I” we want to exist – the Higher Self “I”, or your ego’s “I”.

This article is posted by Tida Wei. 
Tida is a student of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji’s and writes directly from Divine Bliss International (DBI), Florida. She regularly reports the latest news of DBI, Guruji’s teachings, the centre’s progress, event and festival updates, and from time to time, messages directly from Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.


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