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Does Ego = Personality?

This week’s Divine Conversations with Guruji compares the personality to the ego.

First off, is there a difference between the ego and the personality?
We come into this world learning from those around us. We have experiences that help define how we interact with our world. Some of these experiences create deep impressions. These impressions are what the ego uses to keep us safe from harm.
Ego is our 3D solution to navigating in this earthly reality.
Personality could be considered the quality in which we interact with the world. Some of us have a naturally sunny, light disposition, where others naturally are serious. Still others are compassionate without thinking.
Part of our learning in this lifetime is to bring the ego in check such that we have thoughful interactions with life and not knee jerk reactions to situations.
If we successfully put our egos in check, how does this impact our personalities? If we become egoless, do we also remove our personalities?
Join us this Wednesday at 9pm ET as her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji explains to us the differences between personality and ego and the methods of using both to our benefit.
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