Generation after Generation

Have you ever noticed that sometimes events that happen to your parents or grandparents happen to you?
Why would this occur?
In this week’s Divine Conversation, our beloved Guruji will explain to us why this occurs and the lessons that we may receive from this.

Is this an opportunity for healing? How can we grow from this? Why do some siblings experience this while others don’t?

Do you see a pattern in your own family that you would like to understand better?

Come join the conversation this Wednesday at 8:45PM EST as our beloved Guruji clarifies this mystery and helps you grow on your own journey.
When you come with your own questions, your own healing is more quickly activated. It is a blessing to be able to have your own personal questions answered.

Join in to have your questions answered from a true Saint, the beloved Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji. We are truly grateful to Guruji for sharing Her divine wisdom and timeless knowledge with us always.

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