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Thanksgiving is a day for expressing our gratitude for all the abundance in our lives!

Offering gratitude for what we receive from nature is an occasion celebrated by almost all cultures globally, though at different times of the year. Thanksgiving is one of the oldest and popular American traditions celebrated as a ‘Harvest festival‘. This year Thanksgiving is being celebrated on Thursday, 26th November 2020.

This special day is set aside to recognise and appreciate God as the ultimate provider.  A day to honour the bond of light and acknowledge all the blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty Lord and to reflect upon all that we have received.   


The celebration of Thanksgiving is yet another opportunity to grow the numerous seeds of gratitude in our hearts, so that we can open it with love and compassion for all. On this occasion we reflect on how to love ourselves as God loves us. Because one can only give what we have, let’s start with appreciating all that we have, and expand this love in the form of gratitude.

Honouring & Sharing are those pillars in one’s life that strengthen the foundation of one’s true connection with self. When we are truly grateful for what we receive and have an open heart to share, we have achieved exemplary success in our divine journey.

In the process of cultivating the connection to the cosmic energies, people go through a series of attempts to establish the true connection to self by opening the light within themselves.


From celebrating through feasting in thanks for the plenty that the Lord continues to bless us with, to fasting in honour of the Almighty during pivotal moments, Thanksgiving is the perfect moment to reflect upon all wonderful things that we receive all year round.

On this day people organise charity drives, thanksgiving prayers, thanksgiving dinners, parades and more. This day has the noble intent of expressing our gratefulness for all the food and multitude of blessings that we receive from God. On this occasion, people also express their gratitude to friends and family members for their constant support and caretaking.


The Divine Bliss family will be celebrating Thanksgiving day with great joy to express our thanks and gratitude to Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Guruji Poonamji and the Energies of Light for their constant love and support in our lives. We will continue the momentum of lighting a million candles to open light within.

It is only in gratitude and humbleness that we can gain the strength to remove the dark blanket of Covid-19 and have the freedom to live our lives in love and light.

To participate in the OPEN THE LIGHT WITHIN Movement, you can honour a candle by going to >>  https://openthelightwithin.org/honoring/

Offering with gratitude opens the door to a garden of blessings !
Program schedule for Thanksgiving celebrations 
Thursday, 26th November 2020

Visit a Divine Bliss Ashram to experience the joy of offering your gratitude to Mother Earth by working in the Divine garden of Bliss. 
9 am to 6 pm EST (For Florida, USA Ashram)
9 am to 6 pm ET  (For Singapore Ashram)

Divine Lunch Service
1 pm to 3 pm (as per time zone)

Join in person or online for the Honoring Ceremony, Chanting & Candle Lighting @ Florida, USA
Starting 7 pm EST (US & Canada) / 8 am ET (Singapore) / 5:30 am IST (India) / 11 am ACT (Australia)

For those desirous of visiting in person, please book your time since the number of visitors per time slot are restricted.
Book your slot by calling 727-444-0355 for Florida, USA Ashram and 98062496 / 97720562 For Singapore Ashram.

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