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“Easter”, a time to honour Lord Jesus

Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter every year on the Sunday following the first full moon, following the spring equinox. 
This year, the Easter Sunday Honouring of Lord Jesus is
Sunday, 4th April 2021.


The last phase of Jesus’s life is also called ‘Passion of Jesus’ and the week leading to Easter is called ‘Passion Week‘ or ‘Holy Week‘ which includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and finally Easter Sunday.

Jesus sacrificed his life to save this earth realm from the prevalent barbarianism at that time. The day of crucification of Jesus by the Romans is commemorated as ‘Good Friday’ and  three days later, it is said that Jesus resurrected. The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated as ‘Easter’ and is considered as a rebirth of Christianity. Easter is Jesus Christ’s victory over death.  


Traditionally, Easter is preceded by ‘Lent’, a 40-day period of fasting, prayer and penance. Through the weekend from Good Friday to Easter, people abstain from non-vegetarian meals and some eat vegetarian food only. Candle lighting and prayers to remember and honour Lord Jesus are a norm.

Easter is usually observed sometime between sunset on Easter Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday. Easter celebrations are marked by Easter eggs and Easter Bunny both of which are both fertility symbols, which symbolise new life.


At Divine Bliss International, with the divine graces of Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness 1008 Guruji Poonamji, we will remember and honour the energies of Lord Jesus Christ for his benign blessings on all of us.

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