Launch of ‘Honoring Mother Nature’ campaign

Nature is our creator, our nourisher, our lifeline !

Have you ever wondered … what will happen if nature is destroyed…?

It’s about time that we give this a serious thought because we the people of this world are taking the gifts of nature for granted. In our carelessness, we are damaging and harming nature. With high speed modernisation of our world, we are losing our natural flow and connection with Mother Earth which is creating disruption in the energetic and physical flow of nature leading to illness, natural calamities and disasters.

A beautiful quote by the Universal Mother, Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008  Guruji Poonamji says it all:

“When so many people are sick, Mother Earth suffers. So let’s pray to Mother Earth, Honor Her, send her love and gratitude, so that we can bring back the goodness and stop the suffering.”

Today in the Covid-19 situation, several people are sick and many even dying which makes Mother Earth suffer. Irony is that when disrespect for Mother Nature increases, suffering of Earth’s inhabitants also increases. Mother Nature expresses Herself in many manners, like hurricanes, forest fires, lightning strikes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and, of course, global warming, to say the least.  

All tragedies are linked; all originate from the same darkness. The darkness we are talking about is selfishness, anger, greed, abuse of Mother Nature’s generosity, etc. This causes pain, and Mother Earth suffers. Mother Earth’s suffering is then picked up by all everyone on Earth, mankind being the foremost. This is the darkness that is suppressing us. The solution is to come into gratitude, humbleness, compassion, and, above all, love for Mother Earth and all its residents.

In offering our respect and gratitude to everything Mother Nature grants us, we are merely fulfilling our duty towards being human. It’s an opportunity to walk this beautiful gift of nature called Earth and use its abundance. 

We need to rejuvenate and so does Mother Nature. This auspicious time frame of autumn is appropriate timing as it signifies clearing up the unwanted and making ourselves ready for a new beginning.

To overcome the darkness that has taken over the world, Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Guruji Poonamji is working endlessly to invoke the divine energies to bring out the intense healing properties of Mother Nature.

In line with these endeavours, on the auspicious occasion of Divine Mother’s Honoring, Divine Bliss International has launched the HONORING MOTHER NATURE Campaign to combat the downside of today’s global situation. The Campaign encourages everyone to focus the present 9 Days on giving back to Mother Earth in all Her glory to heal and re-balance ourselves and Mother Nature.

We aim to bring awareness to crucial topics such as how to have healthy food production, how to live a happier life through working with nature, and also what Mother Earth needs from us to better sustain, heal and come back into balance.

OPEN THE LIGHT WITHIN Movement is promoting the lighting of candles daily through the nine nights of celebration as an expression of our appreciation to Divine Mother Earth and all forms of Divine Mother, the one who creates us, nourishes us and takes care of our every need. We urge all enthusiasts who want to hold the energies of light and with love and gratitude to light a candle for Divine Mother Nature. 

You can honor a candle on your behalf by going to https://openthelightwithin.org/honoring/

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